Indiana Pacers v Attendence

There has been a lot of noise lately about the lack of attendence at Pacer games. There are a couple of legitimate reasons why fans have not flocked back to home games in spite of one if the best records in the NBA.
The first is economics. Most people just don’t have that much disposable cash, myself included (dammit). Yes, I know that some games tickets are cheap, but really, who wants to go to the cheapest games against the Charlotte Bobcats.
The second reason is how the Pacers got here in the first place. I was a huge Pacer fan during the reigh of Reggie. I even stuck by them during the brawl and after. What cost the Pacers fans was not just the off the court problems, but the on the court attitude as t well. Foe me, the last straw was the game of Reggie Miller’s jersey retirement ceremony. What i saw that night, was a team that didn’t care about winning or even trying. All they cared about was arguing with the refs on call or no calls. How can you not show up on such an important night? A night to honour someone who so willingly turned the franchize over to you, Jermaine O’Neal? What I saw on the court that night made me sick and I swore I’d never watch another game as long as those players were on the team.
Once they were gone, I slowly made my way back, but there’s only so much following you want to do when the team is not good. The good player we did aquire – Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert – were started to have their growth stunted by Mr. Negativity, Jim O’Brien. Not only was he far too negative, but he wasn’t that good of a coach. I never siaw evpidence of an actual offense, something that just wouldn’t play in Indiana. That is a lot of negatitvity to over come.
Now, the Pacers are winning, but I suspect a lot of people who haven’t been going to the games are like me, waiting to be let down because they haven’t been consistantly good since Reggie left. I’ve come around since the all star break, but many are still waiting to make sure they won’t be let down again.
All this team has to do, get to the second of the playoffs, and perhaps put a scare into their next opponent and the fans will be back all the way. So as Arnold once said, “Everybody chill.”
My apologies to everyone I made sick with the Batman & Robin reference.

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