Luck v RG3

Being a football fan in general and a Colts fan specifically, I have followed the talk about which college qb will be better, Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. I believe that both will find success in the NFL, but prefer Luck. Admittedly, I have not watched RG3’s games and have some of Luck’s. I have watched a lot of analysis and interviews of both.
I have always believed it’s better to have a “quarteback” than just an athelete. By that, I mean someone who not only has the talent for the position, but the desire to study evvery aspect of the game with a Peyton Manning like zeal and not rely on said talent.
The perfect example of someone who was an athelete instead of a qb is Michael Vick in his early years. Vick relied almost totally on his talent and didn’t study his craft. That’s one if the reason’s I wasn’t sure Vick to Philly was the awesomeness that some experts thought it was. People love Vick’s atheletism and equate that to good quarterbacking. I believe there is a difference. He has improved fromhis first incarnation in the league, but I think Vick still relies too much on his God given talents.
I prefer qb’s who are cereberal. They’re the one who know that everyone has talent and it takes that extra amount of preperation to get where they want to go (championships; hall of fame).
That’s where preference for Luck comes into play. From what I’ve seen and read, Luck seems to be the more cerebral of the two. Not that I believe that RG3 doesn’t study his craft, I’ve just come to the conclution that Luck does it harder/better. Contrary to what some people say, both men are comperable when it come to atheletecism. Both men are pocket passers. Griffin’s offence in college just called for him to move more.
I don’t have a quarrel with people who prefer Griffin to Luck. I do have a problem with some of their reasons. I have heard muiltiple times that RG3 is better because of arm strength and straight-line speed. Does it really matter if someone can throw it 80 yards down field instead of 70? No. You don’t get many shots for a 80 yard play during a game and those plays won’t consistantly win you playoff games or superbowls. And as for the speed aspect? How many time does a player get a straight shot down field? Three, maybe four times a year. You can’t make a career out of that. If arm strength and athletecism made one a good quarterback, Ryan Leaf would be headed to hall of fame by now and Peyton Manning would have been a bust.
And for the truely stupid opinons out there – looking at you Skip Bayless – you can have a quiet and perhaps even nerdy personality and still be a great leader. Just ask Joe Montanna.

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