Colts Draft So Far

   Ok, I was going to wait until after the draft to give my thoughts on it, but Brad Wells at is annoying the hell out of me with his negativity.  He thinks that the Colts should have been drafting defense after Coby Fleener and is saying that Colts GM Grigson is messing up by going offense with the first four picks.

     My problems with his theory:  1) The isn’t over! Last time I checked, the Colts had more draft picks to make. Why don’t we see what happens and then judge?  What is the nosetackle we need is there when we pick and we get him?  What if it turns out we have great nosetackles on our team already and don’t need more?  Two days into Grigson’s first draft is a little too early to be bitching out.

     2) If you listen to the experts – and at times I do – they keep saying that there is no quality depth at two positions the Colts need, nosetackle and cornerback.  Why reach for someone if you don’t have to?  And will anyone we could have drafted up til now be better than what we already have? We don’t how the rest of the draft will fall. I thought there was no way Fleener would fall out of Round 1, but look what happened.

     My opinion isn’t homerism either. It’s just listening to people who are paid to analyse these things for a living and giving careful consideration to what’s going on.  And logic. No matter what, this draft will be a success if Andrew Luck is all he’s supposed to be.  1998 was a great draft fo the Colts, but who did we get besides the great and powerful Peyton Manning.  Is anyone from that draft still around the organization? Still contributing on the field? Still the best draft the Indianapolis Colts ever had. 

     I’m not even saying I’m overly thrilled with our draft picks.  I love Luck and Fleener. I was surprised by Allen, until I heard that he was a good blocker.  Arians was here at the beginning with Peyton and probably remembers how much having Dilger and Pollack around helped a young QB.  And every quarterback needs weapons. Do you really want to go down Cleveland’s path? I don’t. Hell, Wheedon and McCoy don’t either.

     It is said that one cannot judge a draft for three years. If that’s true then judging a draft – and stressing about it – doesn’t make much sense.  Once we see how everything goes, then we can freak out.

     So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, Brad.

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