Saints’ Punishment

Roger Goodell has finally handed down suspensions for the Saints player involved in the bounty scandal.  Actually, it was only four of the reported 22-27 players involved.  Over the past week or two, I’ve followed the story like everybody else, but I’ve also been conscious of reading the response from Saint fans.  As such, I have a question for some of you – What the hell is wrong with you people? I’ve read comment after comment and I can’t decide of you idiots are so blinded by your loyalty to your team that you can’t see how bad the bounties were, or are just plain stupid.  Either way, wake the hell up!

Many comments have brought up the argument that no one really got hurt during 2009-2011, so Goodell is drunk on power.  That would be great except for the fact that in sports as in life intent matters.  That’s why we have a distinction in the criminal system between murder and attempted murder!  You don’t get out of jail free because you failed to kill someone and there’s no way in hell the Saints should get off because they didn’t hurt opposing players.  Whether the players didn’t want to hurt people, or your team is full of incompetent boobery doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to what Williams, Vilma, et all were paying other to do.  The fact is they tried.  They tried to get other to hurt someone.  They tried to get other to potentially end other careers. That’s sick!

The other argument I’ve heard is that Goodell is out to get the Saints and that this bounty scandal is a vendetta.  FOR WHAT?  For producing one of the great stories in all of sports: A decimated city led back from the brink by a quarterback everybody thought was finished and his team that never did anything of note but suck.  Who hates that story? I don’t. And the Saints beat the Colts in the Superbowl. The only thing that makes anyone hate the Saints is bounty-ggeddon.  There’s no one trying to keep you down or “stop” you.  The 49ers didn’t need Goodell’s help to stop your team last year. It wasn’t the commissioner who drove the 49ers down the field.

Look, I have nothing against someone backing their team, but I’ve heard these arguments from more than one person and both of these arguments are STUPID.  The Saints were caught doing this, some of them admitted to it, and now they’re being punished.  Get the hell over it, admit your team did wrong – or at least tried to – and move on.  Saying that this is a conspiracy to stop ya’ll from winning the Superbowl this year is just plain sad.  Did I mention that it was stupid too?

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