Final Thoughts On Colts Draft

I’ve thought and researched and pondered the Colts 2012 draft and come to a conclusion… I thought too hard.  This draft is a winner for one reason and one reason only, Andrew Luck.  If “Cool Hand” Luck (calming influence at mini-camp) is everything the experts say he is, then the Colts just hit the ball out of the park.  The same thing happened in 1998 when they took the great and powerful Peyton Manning.  Nothing much came from the rest of the draft.  OG Steve McKinney was the only other real contributor.  Maybe if you want to count Jerome Pathon because he started for a couple of years before Reggie came along. I don’t.  Still, 1998 was the best draft the Indianapolis Colts ever had.  Until maybe now.  As for my thoughts on each pick:

1. Andrew Luck: The consensus best player in the draft according to the Lindy’s, Pro Football Weekly, and Pro Football Draft Guide draft preview magazines. He’s already impressed the crap out of the team and calmed some of the rookies down.  I’ll hold my enthusiasm down until he actually plays a game, but I like what we’ve heard so far.

2. Coby Fleener: Lindy’s had Fleener as a second round pick, Pro Football Weekly (PFW) had him in the 1st to 2nd round range, and Pro Football Draft Guide (PFDG) had him ranked 4th out of all TE’s. We had nothing at TE, but an oft-injured Brody Eldridge. Brody’s an ok blocker, but not a good receiver. Problem solved.

3. Dwayne Allen: #1 rated TE by PFDG. Predicted to go in the 1st by Lindy’s and 1st or 2nd by PFW. I was surprised by the pick at first, until I heard that he was more of a blocker than Fleener. Instantly, I flashed on the two TE offense the Colts used to run when Peyton first came aboard.  Having Ken Dilger and Marcus Pollard around gave Peyton some nice security blankets and made for a very potent offense. 2004 happened out of the two TE offense with some 3WR sets thrown in.  I miss that offense.  This is what the Colts are trying to copy, not New England. We copy them if we want to become better cheaters.

3. TY Hilton: Lindy’s had him going in round 3 or 4. PFW had him as 4th or 5th and PFDG rated him 17th out of 35 receivers they rated.  If this guy can just give us some sort of return game, we should all be happy.  As is, many think he can be a good slot receiver. I know we have Austin Collie at that position, but I’d rather see him on the outside to lessen his chances of concussions.

5. Josh Chapman: PFDG had him 7th out of 20 interior lineman. PFW had him going in the 3rd or 4th and Lindy’s had him in the 6th. Here’s the NT some were screaming for.  After the last few years, I’d settle for any fat guy, even if they have to trip his ass to slow the opposing running back. It’s a plus that the most think he can actually play.

5. Vick Ballard: Picked as a 4th rounder by Lindy’s, a 3rd or 4th by PFW, and rated 12th out of 35 by PFDG. Yeah, I don’t get this one. Coach Pagano mentioned him as a third down back. If that’s what you want, retain Joseph Addai. We could have used someone else. Hell, find a back after the draft. It’s not hard.

6. LaVon Brazill: Not rated by PFDG, PFW had as one of the “Best of the Rest”, and Lindy’s had him as worth watching. Everything that I said about Hilton applies here.

7. Justin Anderson: PFDG didn’t mention him. PFW had him as part of their “Best of the Rest”. In other words, undrafted free agent. Lindy’s said he should have gone in round 6.  He’s either depth or gone. Can’t ask for much more in the 7th round.

7. Tim Fugger: Neither of the three publications mentioned him. Maybe he can help, maybe not. I just hope he can make the team and mess up one time so I can say, “That stupid Fugger!”

7. Chandler Harnish: PFW had him going in the 5th or 6th, PFDG rated him 10th of 25, and Lindy’s had him as a 6th rounder.  Harnish was a “camp arm” at the combine.  He was used to showcase the receivers.  He threw the ball ok, it looked like. Average accuracy. They say he’s a good leader. Maybe he can become an ok enough back-up QB to hold the line should something happen to “someone else”, if you catch my drift.

Micah Pellerin: I wouldn’t have mentioned him, but Lindy’s listed him as someone worth watching and PFW had him going in the 3rd or 4th round. Hopefully, Pellerin is one of those guys that go under the radar, but end up making the team and contributing.

It should be noted that Pro Football Weekly, Lindy’s Draft Guide, and Pro Football Draft Guide all came out before the combine, so their thoughts are based solely on game tape. Sometimes that’s best Mike Mamula.

Overall, this draft boils down to one thing, Andrew Luck. If anyone else does anything in this league for the Colts, its gravy. Not just any gravy, either. KFC gravy.

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