Hurry Up!

     Ok. The Pacers aren’t playing again until the fall. I don’t care who wins the NBA championship if the Blue & Gold won’t be fighting for it. And the Indy 500 is done (and was one of the best races in a while). Now it’s time for what’s really important. No, not baseball. I live in a town without major league ball and am a Yankee fan from way back anyway. Most people around here follow the Reds (yawn), the Cubs (snicker), and the Cardinals, so talking Yankees would probably piss everyone off. Plus, baseball is not my strong suit.
     No, the important stuff I’m talking about if FOOTBALL. Preferably, the NFL, but hopefully college (they can have my allegience) when I get a playoff. Now is the time of year when the bibles- I mean football preview magazines hit the stands. I usually by a copy of each and examine in fine detail all the teams but one, the Cheatriots. Don’t look at them. I won’t do it.
   Looking at all the teams, I can get a pretty good sense of where everyone is headed.  There are a surprise or two every year, but if you read enough and watch every single preseason game, those are minimal. I’m not tooting my own horn either. I assume everyone could do the same if they were so inclined.
     Anyway, like always, this is the time of year I get antsy for some gridiron action. Luckily, there are ways of feeding my addiction.
     One of them is coming up. On Wednesday, June 13th the Colts will have a workout at The Luke from 2-4 pm. Andrew Luck will be in attendance. And it’s free. This is the first time I can remember something like this happening, so go out and enjoy just in case it doesn’t happen again.

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