Thoughts On Improvement

    They tried. Bless their still young-team hearts the Pacers tried. Unfortunately, they’re still too young and missing a few pieces yet before they can make a serious run in the playoffs.
    I think they need another wing player, someone who can defend and score. Preferably a small forward/ shooting guard mixture.  Someone that can come in for Danny Granger and Paul George. Dante Jones is ok, but he’s lacking in the scoring department. 
     The other area of depth to add would be center. I love Amundson’s hustle as much as the next guy, but he’s only 6’9″ and not overly athletic. Big men are hard to find however, so a viable back-up maybe out of the question.
     George Hill and Roy Hibbert must be resigned. Roy is just hitting his stride and can and will get better. George makes a nice 1-2 punch at the point with Collison. Collison is more of a distributor while Hill likes to score. Both have the ability to defend.
     The power forward spot is set I think. David West became the team’s leader and Tyler Hansbau, Hansburo – and Psycho T is a nice boost coming off the bench.
     The critical spot is Paul George. We’ve seen flashes of what he can do and they’ve been awesome.  He needs to be more consistant and to have much more confidence in himself.  If he does that, I forsee that he will become a great Jedi… sorry, two guard.  If that happens, the sky’s the limit for this squad.

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