Colts Public Practice

I watched the Colts practice at the stadium yesterday.  Through the first part of the day, Drew Stanton out performed Andrew Luck which can only mean one thing: Irsay messed up. Which means the Colts are going to suck for the next decade and our once proud franchise is now the Cleveland Browns! Dammit!

Oh wait, no it doesn’t. It means one thing: Andrew Luck was a rookie at his second professional practice ever.  Media were tracking his completion percentage from day one and some were debating whether he had any interceptions or not. Really? Incert Allan Iverson’s quote here.

Everybody calm down on the stats. They don’t matter right now. Track those at the proper time. You know, during the season. Let the rookie be a rookie… for now.

Now about what I saw on the field. Like I said, Stanton was able to connect a smidge better at the beginning which speaks to timing.  Luck missed long a couple of times to Reggie and short a couple to Donnie Avery.  Avery is very fast. Reggie not so much. Austin Collie is somewhere in between and Luck hit him better than the other two. Once Andrew gets used to everyone’s speed all will be ok. The important thing is that as practice went on, Luck got better.

What impressed me the most was near the end of the day when the offense was trying to score. Luck and the first team were unstoppable. Granted, they were going up against the Colts defense, so take it for what it’s worth. Stanton led the offense to two touchdowns as well, but there were a couple of defensive stops in there. I think we have a keeper in Luck. Stanton wasn’t bad either.

Speaking of the Colts defense, Jerraud Powers had a couple of nice knockdowns on passes. Polian appears to be right, Powers can play man. There were a couple of other plays where a cornerback kept the play from going longer, but many more where our receivers were running free. We sure could use Mike Jenkins. Hopefully Grigson can pry him from the plastic man’s grip.

I didn’t get much of a chance to watch Freeney or Mathis in their new positions as my focus was seeing the new QB, but there were times when there was pressure and with this new defense, there was more blitzing.

Overall, it was a fun time to be had by all and the crowd was definately in to it. I think the franchise is secure for awhile.

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