Pacer’s Draft

Thursday night, our Indiana Pacers selected Miles Plumlee and Orlando Johnson in the NBA draft. Now people are freaking out and saying Larry Bird doesn’t know how to draft or went all “another stiff white guy” on us. They act like that’s all he’s ever dealt with.

I guess we shouldn’t let reality get in the way of a dumb-ass opinion. Are all of you with this thought forgetting Danny Granger, Paul George, and Roy Hibbert. They’re all black. In fact our entire starting unit – which Larry brought in – is black. So let’s kill that stupid “white guy” opinion now.

Secondly, this draft was weak. Outside of pick #1, who was really impressive. And I’m not talking athletically. I mean in a real basketball sense.  I wasn’t impressed with this crop of rookies at all. No matter who we took, I don’t think they would have been anything more than a back-up.

Third, we needed a back-up center. Plumlee was listed on the broadcast as being 6′ 11 3/4″. That’s 7 foot tall. Guys who can play ball and are seven feet tall are hard to find. The last time I wrote about the Pacers, I said that they need to find a legit center to back up Roy. Oh, look at that, they found one. Is he going to be a star? Doubt it. Can he score a lot. No. Is he a great shot blocker? Nyet. Wait, what was my point? Oh, yeah, what he can do is rebound and defend the pick-and-roll. You know, the play Orlando used to torch the hell out of the Pacers defense. And just for those who don’t know it, there is more to defense than shot-blocking.

Lastly, I know there were other options, but none were home runs. Who cares if Larry could have traded back and got him. For what, a couple of extra second round picks? When was the last time this team had a truely impactful pick in the second round? Antonio Davis. That’s been a while. Maybe this Johnson kid can do something. We don’t know. If you want to criticize the draft, go ahead, but keep it in perspective. To suddenly act like Larry Bird had nothing to do with getting the Pacers to the second round of the playoffs is damn stupid and I hate damn stupid.

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