Colts Are A Go

It’s on! Colts training camp is here and all rookies are signed. Thank the maker! It was getting boring in the sports world with the lull between mini-camps and the start of the season. The only news we’ve had has been bad. Hopefully, players fan stop being arrested and just play ball.

As a side note, a couple of drama queens over at have said that the late signings of the rookie tight ends make the Colts front office look bad. Horsepuckey. Those two, Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen, only missed rookie orientation. So what. RG3 missed 2 days of camp and there are still 4 first round draft picks un-signed. Do any of those teams look bad? No.  The Colts look fine. Now that the NFL season is around the corner, stop trying to create news. It’ll come on its own.

On to camp. I can’t wait to see how Andrew Luck developes, how Freeney and Mathis adjust to new positions, and who steps up to play cornerback opposite Jerraud Powers. Please let it be someone. We just need mediocre play from that spot to have an improvement.

We only have two more weeks until the first preseason game. That will us fans a chance to learn everyone’s names. I think that guy in the back is named Susan.

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