Enough Already!

It’s time for the football gods to knock it off. We get it. In 2009, the Colts had a shot at history – going undefeated – and threw it away because the top brass, Bill Polian, was afraid someone would get injured. They’ve been jacked up since then with injuries, starting with Dwight Freeney during the AFC Championship game.

Since then, almost every major star the team has had has been put on IR. Some of them in consecutive years. That’s why the team is rebuilding right now instead if making another run at the Superbowl with Peyton Manning.

Now, for the second year in a row, promising young tackle, Ben Ijilana, has been placed on IR for the same injury, a left ACL tear. His career may be over. It’s definitely damaged. Look, I fully believe that it was karma that brought about the rash of injuries in 2010. You don’t just throw away a shot at history because of fear. You tell fear to suck it and go for immortality, but what happened last year and the beginning of training camp this year with Ijilana and AJ Edds is just piling on.

Therefor, on behalf in the Indianapolis Colts, I humbly ask the football gods to stop it! The Saints spent years trying to hurt other players. Pick on them! Thank you.

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