The Lombardi/Belicheat Trophy?

If you have kids and are teaching them the history of the NFL, you need to point to this story as a reason why drugs are bad. They make you dumb as hell.

In case you missed it, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and former cokehead, Michael Irving said that if it were up to him, bill belicheat – head coach of the New England Cheatriots – would have his name added to the Lombardi trophy. Do you see? Do you see what drugs do to you?

The Lombardi Trophy symbolizes the best the NFL has to offer. Not the best cheater mind you, just the best team. Yeah, Belicheat won three Superbowls – the impetus for Irving’s comment – but Bill Walsh also won three while revolutionizing the game. His name isn’t on the trophy. Neither is Chuck Noll, the only coach in NFL history to win four Superbowl wins. If those guys aren’t on the trophy, belicheat can’t be.

When billy holds more championship rings than Lombardi, then we’ll reconsider this. Oh wait. No. No we won’t.

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