Pre-Season 1-1

I was finally able to watch Sunday’s game against the Steelers and I’ve developed a theory for the other 31 teams in the NFL.  No one intercept Andrew Luck. After throwing his first pick, Luck went off the Steelers “D”.  Luck was deadly as he lead a touchdown drive on the very next drive. The drive after would also have been a TD if TY Hilton had held onto the ball.  After that interception, Luck lead a second TD drive and a last minute fieldgoal drive to boot.  Overall, it was another good performance for the rookie QB.  It’s getting hard to keep things in perspective when it come to “Cool Hand” Luck.

The offensive line played better this week, but they may want to make sure defenders don’t come through untouched like on the sack of Luck. Donald Brown’s performance should put a bullet in the notion that Mewelde Moore will take his starting spot at some point this season, a rediculous notion floated more than once by Brad Wells of  Shoot, as good as Vick Ballard has looked, Moore may not hold onto his 1st-back-up spot.

The defense did well to keep Pittsburgh out of the endzone considering they allowed some big runs and then forgot to tackle the receiver on the long TD run.

We even had a special teams sighting. There were a couple of nice returns by the boys in blue while keeping the other guys from big returns. Of course, being the Colts special teams, they couldn’t have a completely good game. Protection broke down and allowed a punt to be blocked. That is the last blocked kicked that unit is allowed to have for the rest of the year.

Overall, the Colts gave me exactly what I was looking for, to not get steamrolled by a tough opponent. I don’t care what some “experts” are saying, the Colts will not suck this year.

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