Pre-Season 1-2

Mr. Grigson, the offensive line is broken. Fix it. And don’t do the Bill Polian “The O-Line is broken. Let me make it worse” tactic. I have faith in you. Fix it now before they break Andrew Luck.

The line was terrible on Saturday, especially Seth Olsen. How bad were they? I actually thought, “I wish Mike Pollack was still here.” Mike Pollack for pete’s sake! I know there’s been a lot of lip service over how bad the defense played. Well, DUH! The defense has been bad for years. We just had #18 back there to hide the evidence. The play of the “D” this year hasn’t been all either. We just lost sight of that because of Luck’s awesomeness. The defensive fellas handled the passing game by the Rams because… well, its the Rams, but Steve Jackson ran real well. And against the Steelers, that Dwyer kid ran all over our boys. And then there was that 57 yard TD play.

Taking that into account, you could see a defensive game like Saturdays coming. What we cannot abide and should be concerned about, is the amount of hits Luck took. He won’t last 12 games unless his protectors actually protect him.

Mr. Grigson, can I call you Ryan? You’ve done some good work this year so far (i.e. Vontae Davis).   This is far more important, however. Nobody wants Andrew Luck to be davidcarred. Especially Luck himself, so fix this mess, please. Don’t make me come over there.

Goodnight and Good Luck.

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