Predicting the Season

My initial theory on the Colts was that they’d be better than last year.  All but two if the losses of personel were people who either didn’t play or who didn’t contribute.  Given that and the fact that we were about to draft Andrew Luck – who by default is better than Curtis “Bounce Pass” Painter – I thought the boys in blue would go 5-11.  Now that the season is about to begin, I figured I’d look at each game and prophecize an outcome.  Just to see if my original thought holds up.

Week 1: Chicago Bears – Loss. This one will not be as bad a loss as some feel. I’ve seen a couple of 31-14’s predicted. I think it will be a little closer than that. The bears offensive line still isn’t that good.

Week 2: Minnesota Vikings – Win. The Vikes don’t strike me as having a receiving corps and Adrian Peterson may still be working on fully recovering from his knee.

Week 3: The Haguars (Jacksonville Jaguars) – Win. Blaine Gabbert may be much improved this year, but he was worse than Painter last year. I think that’s too far to climb to eak out a win at this point.

Week 4: BYE

Week 5: Green Bay Packers – Loss. I was originally going to call this a slaughter. The Colts secondary had nothing to slow down Aaron Rogers, but with the addition of Vondae Davis, maybe the boys in blue can keep it close.

Week 6: New York Jets – ?. I’m torn on this one. The Jet defense is good. The offense? Not so much. Many think this will be a loss. I think the odds are even, but I’ll have a better read as the season goes on.

Week 7: Cleveland Browns – Win. I’m not a total believer in Brown QB Brandon Weedon. Even if he is what the Browns want, he’s not better than Luck.

Week 8: The Grand Tetons (titans) – Loss. Since this is a road game and I’m predicting low wins for the fellas, I’ll say that they lose at this division rival, but not by much.

Week 9: Miami Dolphins – Win. The sea mammals have no receiving corps to speak off and a less pollished rookie QB.

Week 10: The Haguars – Loss. Another road game against a divison opponent.

Week 11: new england cheatriots – Loss. Another slaughter to a good offense. Although it would be extremely awesome if Luck and the gang could pull off an upset. Actually, I’d call the season a success at this point.

Week 12: Buffalo Bills – ?. If Bills QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is having a year like the first half of last year, then the Colts will loose. If he’s playing like he played at the end of last year, the Colts win. I don’t trust Fitzpatrick, is what I’m saying.

Week 13: Detroit Lions – Loss. See Green Bay.

Week 14: Tetons – Win. Both teams will have improved by now. In theory. That gives the edge to Andrew Luck and the Colts at home.

Week 15: Houston Exans (Texans) – Loss. While Andrew Luck will hopefully be exponencially better, I don’t think the rest of the team will be. Considering that the last couple of times the Colts were in Reliant Stadium, they got their collective ass kicked, this game probably won’t be close.

Week 16: Kansas City Chefs (Chiefs. Find the commercial on youtube) – Loss. KC has speed, speed, and more speed on offense. I think that speed overwhelms our defense and the offense looses in a shoot-out.

Week 17: Exans – Loss. They’ve never been able to sweep the Colts. Not even when they stank last year. I think they’ll throw caution to the wind (within reason) and try and put down our team again.  This will also be a closer game than the first.

Ok, I’ve gone through each game and have figured the the Colts will be with a chance to go. It looks like I still have Colts going 5-11 with a potential to reach 7-9. If they catch a team by surprise (please let it be the cheatriots), maybe 8-8. What I’m really looking for this season is improvement and protection for Andrew Luck. If those two thing happen, the future is good. If not… let’s not dwell on that shall we?


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