2012 Season 0-1

Score: 41-21 Bears

Well, they didn’t keep it close.  The defense played pretty well until Dwight Freeney went down. At that point, the defense was pretty much torn a new one.  Jerry Hughes, Freeney’s replacement, was a non-factor. Its hard to stand up to a good offense with only 10 men on the field. 

Andrew Luck had a typical rookie day.  Although, if the five guys in front of him had created a good pocket, it would have been much better.  It didn’t help that they were missing two starters – Winston Justice went down in game – but the Bears got constant pressure with a 4 man rush. How the  hell can you not block 4 with 5?  If Seth Olosen never sees the field again, it’ll be too soon. Luck will be fine, but the OLine has got to be taken care of.

Dammit Donald! Catch the ball and then look upfield. That first drop would have been a TD.

This game should end the whole “Reggie Wayne is no longer a top flight receiver” crap. He was the only receiver who really raised his game to help the rookie QB.

And as a final note, SCREW TIM JENNINGS! Why couldn’t that punk play half that good while his ass was a Colt?

Ok, one more thing for real this time. I just saw the comparison of stats from Peyton’s first game to Luck’s. 

Peyton: 21/37 passes, 302 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT’s, sacked 4 times.

Luck: 23/45, 309, 1 TD, 3 INT, sacked 3 times.

Hopefully a good omen.  That pathetic OLine must be fixed pronto or Luck will not finish the season. Better luck next week.

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