2012 Season 1-1

Score: 23-20 Colts

So far the season is going how most of us thought.  The Colts used an effective first half to build a 20-6 lead and then held on at the end. I’ve heard some fussing over the play calling during the third and forth quarters. I understand the philosophy behind the run calls, but the problem with the run plays was that they used a bunch formation. They should have spread the defense out a little with two or three receivers and then try running. There would have been less defenders in the box.

From now on, I will refer to Andrew Luck as “Cool Hand” Luck.  There is no way a rookie QB should be that good at the 2-minute offense. Dude’s three for three. Its not his fault that his kicker missed a field goal against the Bears. Not since Archie Manning has a rookie won a game like this in September.

The O-Line still sucks. Loosing 3/5’s of our starters doesn’t help, but damn, trip somebody or something. “Cool Hand” needs time to work his magic.  Trai Essex did not look good, but he signed two minutes before the game, so I’ll let it slide this week.  It’s nice to GM Ryan Grigson still tinkering with linemen – one cut from the practice squad; new one signed – as we need some crap replaced. Looking at you Seth Linkenbach (those two don’t deserve their owns names).

Cory Redding, welcome to Indy. He had a dang fine game along with Jerrell Freeman. In fact, Freeman is playing so well that some dullards are saying Pat Angerer should loose his starting job.  Where I come from, you want your best and most complete linebackers starting. The Colts have three good LB’s. Two can do it all. One is a run stopper. Instead of Angerer loosing his starting job, how about Kavell Connor. Our outside LB’s are playing below average outside of Robert Mathis. How about while Dwight Freeney is MIA, they switch Mathis to the rush spot and then start Angerer, Connor, and Freeman. Let’s think outside the box.

Speaking of pass defense – and I wasn’t, can someone other than Justin King defend the only receiving threat the other team has? We have a solid starting CB duo in Jerraud Powers and Vontae Davis. Let one of them stay with Justin Blackman this week. Not Mr. Pass Interference (three in two weeks).

And lastly, for those wondering what happened on the last Colts play/penalty/downing of the ball, the answer is more simple than you think. Rookie headcoach + rookie QB + Bozo the official = stupid looking Colt play.

Up next is the Haguars. Go Colts!

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