Tampa Gate

Everything is a “Gate” these days so that’s why I lamed-out on the title.

Last Sunday, as the New York Giants were in the victory formation, Eli Manning got knocked to the ground by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense.  Giants headcoach, Tom Coughlin went off on Bucs headcoach, Greg Shiano. I’ve listened to many an opinion on this and most have said that there is nothing wrong with what the Bucs did.  They’re wrong too.

The problem with the play was that Eli was giving himself up. When a player has the ball during a live play and takes a knee, the play is blown dead.  When a punt returner waves his hand in the air and catches the ball, he’s giving himself up. That means no touchy. When a QB is running with the ball and starts to slide, no one can touch him.  On all of these plays, the player is giving himself up and shouldn’t be tackled. There is no more of a play of such a manner than a kneal-down in the victory formation. That’s why the play was wrong. Eli was giving himself up and everyone on the field knew it.  You don’t hit a player when he’s surrendering on a play. In most cases, its against the rules. It just hasn’t filterd down to this scenario yet.

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