2012 Season 1-2

Three plays. Just three plays doomed the Colts against the Haguars.  An Adam Vinatieri missed field goal, a one-play drive with a maurice jones-drew touchdown run, and a one-play drive with a touchdown pass to cecil shorts (who?).  If any one of these plays are corrected, the Colts win.

If Vinatieri makes that first FG, the Colts are only down 2 points during that last drive. With seven seconds left, they trot him out to win the game by a point.

On the touchdown run, if the defense turns that into any type of drive at all, the Haguars don’t have time for anything more than a hail mary pass at the end at most.

String out the last play into a drive and the opponent runs out of time. Note to #38: 1) Everybody in the state knew that was going to be a pass play. Why didn’t you.  2) Stop slapping your head and catch up to and tackle the guy you let catch the ball.

That’s the story of this game, three plays. Sure there were other things that went wrong – too many penalties, Luck looked like a rookie – but the game turned on those three plays.  This isn’t meant to make anyone feel better. Crap like this makes me feel worse actually. It does so because it means that the Colts should have won, but pissed it away.

Next they face Brigham Young East (BYE), so hopefully there can be more coaching for this young team. It probably also means that the Colts will win in Jacksonville later this year.

Go Colts dammit!

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