Incompetent Boobery

I’ve tried to be quasi-kind to the replacement officials. It’s obvious that they are over their heads. However, after last night and what I heard this morning on the Grady & Big Joe Show, the gloves are off.

If you missed it, last night Russell Wilson, rookie QB for the Seattle Seahawks, threw a hail mary pass into the endzone on the last play of the game. A Green Bay Packer defender caught the ball then Seahawk widout, Golden Tate, stuck his hand in and grabbed the ball.  Both fell to the ground without either man losing control of the ball. By the letter of NFL law, that’s an interception. One ref called it that way. Another called a TD. The head boob didn’t talk to either and called a touchdown. And with that, we have the world’s first touchception (thanks for that word Cosand). The 3 Stooges cost the Packers that win.

Then this morning, Grady said the lingerie league sent out a press release saying a few of the officials had been fired from their league for “on field incompetence”.  Really. They couldn’t handle models playing football in their underwear? I knew these guys were in over their heads, but daammnn! This is one of those years in the NFL where no one can predict a game’s outcome from game to game.  Really good teams have losing records, the NFC West stopped sucking over night, the hated Cheatriots are not in front of their division, and the Arizona Cardinals with their crappy quarterbacking are undefeated. But instead of talking about the good kind of chaos (How was Seattle even in the game with a rookie QB?), we’re talking about the incompetent boobery of guys not cut out to watch half naked chicks run around.

But, Daammnn!

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