They Live

Two days. That’s all it took. After months of hardline negotiations, all it took after being made to look stupid as hell on Monday Night Football was two days and the real refs are back.

The NFL and NFLRA have come to an agreement and the there will be actual NFL caliber refereeing for Week 4 of the NFL season. Now the NFL will say that Monday night’s stupid-fest had nothing to do with this agreement. That the talks were already scheduled. Yeah? Bull! You’ve already insulted our intelligence enough this week by saying that the scab refs got the call right. Don’t do it any more with acting like that had nothing to do with it.  Just come out and admit the truth. They won’t, but it would be nice if they admitted that the replacements were a bad idea. We all know they were.

Now everything is right with the NFL world and we can go back to insulting the abilities of the real refs.  I give the honeymoon about a quarter of the first game.

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