2012 Seson 2-2


“We will, We can, We must. We have no choice. By any means necessary. We will overcome.” – Coach Chuck

Many people say that football is just a game and they’re right. But not this game. Not on Sunday. As any football fan who has been affected by that damn disease, cancer, can tell you, this game meant more. Much more. It meant everything.  You could tell during the first half of the game that the Colts were having trouble channeling their emotions into action. They couldn’t focus properly. That allowed the Packers to take a commanding lead in the game.  It was at halftime, however, when the fellas pulled themselves together, focussed their energy and came out with a will to win.

Score: 30-27 Colts

CBSSports.com’s Pete Prisco said the Colts would only win one game this year. How’s that taste, Petey?

Andrew Luck grew up in front of our eyes Sunday.  He took charge during the second half.  Anyone who thought he would be a bust (RG3 fans), was wrong to the Nth degree.  He’ll still make mistakes cause he’s a rookie — that’s NFL law — but those will be due to inexperience, not suckage.  How many QB’s can shake off Clay Mathews like that and make that throw? Daammnn! If you watch the replay, you’ll notice that he never actually looks at Mathews. He’s too focussed down field. The Colts future is so bright, we all gotta wear shades!

Look! A running game, kind of.  Donald Brown needs to get out on the perimeter more often. He ran for dang near five yards a carry doing that. The league average is four. Just a comparison.  Shoot, even the offensive line stopped stinking up the joint for a half. Or maybe Jeff Linkenbach is the answer at … hahahaha! Sorry. I tried.

I don’t know what scheme they were using to actually slow down the Packers passing game, but they need to bring it with to every game. Or least a variation of it. Actually, the entire defensive game plan during the second half was a thing of beauty.

And lastly but most assuredly not leastly (if that’s even a word), Reggie Wayne. I don’t have the words to describe how awesome of a game that was from him. The Packers put future hall of famer, Chuck Woodson, on him. They double-covered him. They triple-covered him. And Reggie just kicked sand in their face and did what he wanted. He grew into a giant or something to get Luck’s pass while Mathews was hanging on him. His one-handed catch while being held by Woodson was one of the greatest ever. And his force of will to get into the endzone on the last drive was awesome! He had two guys tackling him and a third on the way and he still surged forward enough to reach the ball out and break the plane! Hell Yeah! Anyone who said Reggie was slowing down only looked at his stats last year and not the actual games.

A game like this will bring the on-the-fence fans around, the stadium will continue to be filled and loud, the monster is twitching on the table as we speak, and Pete Prisco can suck it!


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