2012 Season 3-3

In protest of the crap-fest in Jersey, I have ignored the game against the Jets.  I figure if the Colts didn’t care enough to show up, why should I?

Score: 17-13 Colts

Another tale of two halfs. The offense was unstoppable in the first half and totally stopped in the second.  Luckily for this young team, the defense played just the opposite.  They stank the first half and came out to play in the second.

Now all we need is for them to put it all together for a full game and we’re good.  Some are giving the Colts no credit for beating the Browns, but if you’ve watched the games this year, you’ll have seen that Brandon Weedon is pretty good. So there.

The Colt OLine actually had a good game overall. Hopefully, it is a sign of things to come.  It was nice to see an actual run game.  Vick Ballard looks like a keeper – for a while anyway.  Someone mentioned that Andrew Luck has gone two games without throwing a touchdown.  How the hell do you ignore the two rushing TD’s he had this game. Give me a stinking break. How many times did Peyton not throw a TD?  Probably about half the games (I made that number up). The point is that it doesn’t matter if he throws a TD or not.  Just if the team wins.

We need a pass rush. Badly. Dwight Freeney is hobbled, Robert Mathis is injured, and no one else can get to the opposing QB. Well, maybe Jerry Hughes, but he’s like a dog trying to catch a car. Neither can do anything with their target when they get to it.  Nice of Tom Zbikowski to show up this week. It’s not easy to play defense with 10 guys.  Now, that how you play.  For the rest of this year, that’s how you play.  Pat Angerer looked real good in his first game. Hopefully, our middle LB’s can make up for the lack of talent on the DLine. Having said that, the new guys played rather well for having been signed to the active roster five minutes before kickoff. Now if we can only get the entire secondary to play well at the same time Jerraud Powers.

I was prepared to lay into Bruce Arians for having the stupidest time out since Jim Caldwell was here, but he owned up to it, so I’ll let it go. I don’t mind the focus on running the football so much. With our line, Luck needs to pass as little as possible.

Bravo gentlemen. You took one of the NFL’s most dangerous return men out of the game. The only returns he had were due to penalties. Special shoutout to LaVon Brazil for that solo tackle on Cribs. If not for that, he would have had miles to run.

The Colts are exactly where I thought they would be right now.  They actually have a chance to make some noise if they can just play on the road like they do at home.

Tennessee Tetons. Control CJ2K and manufacture a pass rush on an old Hasselbeck… or back… or bech – however you spell it – and the fellas have a chance.

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