2012 Season 5-3

23-20 Colts

What the hell am I watching? There is no way that a team that was gutted of most of its stars and with a rookie QB should have this good of record. It fact, I don’t know how they’re doing it other than power of will … and an amazing guy under center.

Andrew Luck has surpassed Peyton’s rookie year already. Not only that, but he’s lapping the rookie field. In wins alone, he’d be ahead of all other rookie QB’s, but he was spectacular today. We’ve seen him throw with guys hanging on him before this season, but to throw that strike to Reggie, over a defender, and as he was going to his knees… DAMN!
Speaking of Reggie, it was nice of him to bring along his fellow receivers to this game. Donnie Avery and TY Hilton have been too quiet this year, but both had over 100 yards today.  Dwayne Allen had some big catches today as well, but he’s produced all season long when given the chance.
The offensive line had their best pass blocking game today. They only gave up one sack, but I think Luck held the ball too long on that play.  They did allow several pressures, but they were facing Cameron Wake and controlled him pretty well.
Vick Ballard’s game clinching run was the best run by a Colts since Dominic Rhodes against the Ravens during the 2006 playoffs. The kids a gamer. Ballard. Not Rhodes. Rhodes may still be a gamer, he’s no kid.

I think Dwight Freeney’s ankle is feeling better. He looked quicker than he has all year and collected two sacks. The pass rush over all was better than it has been, even when Robert Mathis left the game.  There’s nothing to say about the secondary that hasn’t already been said. At least we weren’t facing a super offense.  The run defense held the Dolphins in check aside from one reggie bush run.

Special Teams:
Does this unit have to continually be the weakest unit on this team? Granted, they didn’t give up any big returns, but can they keep the opposing team off our kicker? Vinatieri has enough problems making field goals these days without letting guys come free to make blocks. Pat McAfee was his usual gifted self. Thank god.

Nicely done. I don’t have a lot of complaints this game… other than having a guy who’s having trouble making kicks try a 54 yarder. Pooch punt and try and pin the other team deep. Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky is good at making halftime adjustments. How many games now have the defense only allowed a field goal after the half? Twelve. The answer is twelve.

I predicted the Colts to win five games. Done. From here on out, the team is playing with house money. Having said that, they better beat the Haguars on Thursday. It should be noted that if the Colts can finish this season at .500 or above, then the rest of the NFL should look out. Coach Pagano’s attaching electrodes to his monster as we speak.

Next up:
Jacksonville Haguars.  Can we control that angry midget running back if he plays, please?

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