Mid-Season Thoughts

Since the Colts have played ocho games (8), I thought I’d share my thoughts about the team and some players.  There are no grades here. Grades are for school. I hate school.

Andrew Luck:
After the Bears game – you know, game #1 – some idiots were saying that the Colts messed up. That they should have kept Peyton or drafted RG3. Well, RG3’s team – said to have more talent than the Colts – is sitting at 3-6. The fellas are 5-3. Point to “Cool Hand” Luck. I won’t get into stats because wins trump all. As for Peyton, I’ve tried not to compare he and Luck too much because it’s not fair to the rookie, but the football gods have spoken. Luck has the Colts sitting at 5-3. Peyton has the Broncos at 5-3. Both of them have thrown for 2404 yards. Want more? If the playoffs started today, the Colts would face the Broncos in the first round. Freaky. Aside from that, “Cool Hand” has lived up to all expectations. He’s been calm and commanding in the pocket, has shown a very good arm (suck it, Phil Simms), and has dragged the team kicking and screaming to a winning record. Everyone who said Jim Irsay looked stupid earlier this year looks stupid now skip bayless.

Reggie Wayne:
I said before the season that Reggie’s “decline” last year was due to the fact that the Colts played all of last year without anyone manning the QB position, except for two games. The experts said Reggie was old and done. Score one for me. Reggie is off to the best start of his carreer and has kicked father time in the groin. The Colts have three years to find a replacement. That should be plenty of time. He better be named Reggie though. Don’t want our chant to die just yet.

Donnie Avery:
Turns out to be just a guy. Too bad. I had high hopes.

Dwayne Allen:
How did he fall to round three? Dudes a beast already and is only going to get better. If GM Ryan Grigson ever has to choose between Allen and Coby Fleener, he needs to pick Allen. And I don’t mean that as a slight again Fleener.

Offensive Line:
Anthony Castonzo if pretty good as a LT. I keep thinking he might be best as a RT though. I think he could dominate from that side. But he’s better than average, so there’s no pressing need. I also think that AQ Shipley has out played Samson Satele at the center position. Maybe the team should look at switching. Just a shout out to the Colts who don’t read this anominous blog. The line has played better the last couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean that the front office should stand pat.

Cory Redding:
I loved this signing at the time. Love it still today. Cory has been a rock at the LE position when healthy. He’s also been a tremendous leader. I loved his speech before the Packer game.

Dwight Freeney:
He’s a 4-3 defensive end. I expect the Colts to let him walk after this year. There may be ways to keep his production, though, with his partner in crime still around.

Robert Mathis:
We all thought that this defense would suit him and it does. He shouldn’t be in coverage though. I bet that once DFree leaves, Robert will take his spot and the front office will find a strong side LB.

Jerrell Freeman:
Ryan Grigson’s first signing. A home run, I think. Freeman has started every game, leads the team in tackles, and can play the pass and run. Maybe, he should be the starter opposite Mathis next year. That would leave Kavell Conner and Pat Angerer as the inside backers. Not a bad quarter and if Grigson can find a situational pass rusher to couple with Mathis, the linebacking corps would be set.

Antoine Beathea:
He wasn’t playing well at the beginning of the year, but has picked it up of late. I’ll chaulk it up to learning a new system and move on.

Jerraud Powers:
Has had good plays. Has had bad plays. I don’t know if he’s a man-to-man cover corner or not. Hopefully, he gets healthy and improves.

Vontae Davis:
Incomplete assessment. He had a good game his first back from his injury, but got hurt again. I’ll withhold judgement until later.

Tom Zbikowski:
Find a replacement please. He’s been invisible most of the year. I think he’s had one good quarter. He was brought in to help teach the defense and because there was no one else to man the position. The defense has been taught and we still have no one to man the position.

Pat McAfee:
Aces. He’s improved every year and this year is no exception. Our punt and kick-off coverage units may suck ass, but we don’t know it because of his kicking.

Adam Vinatieri:
Everytime he misses a kick I think maybe the Colts should find a new kicker in the off season. Then I remember that the college kick games is gross. Vinnie is the best clutch kicker in history and hasn’t missed a kick that would have won a game this year. Everyone wants an accurate kicker, but accuracy without the stones to win a game makes you Mike Vanderjagt. Give me game winning kicks over amazing accuracy every day.

Many experts thought that the Colts rebuild would take 2-3 years. Jim Irsay said the Colts rebuild would take 2-3 years. Many Peyton fans said that the Colts would suck for the next decade. I thought history would repeat itself. In 1998, the Colts went 3-13 with a certain rookie QB we all know and love. The very next year, they were a winning team and maintained that for all but one more year. Played 2011 without a QB, remember? Going with that, I thought the Colts would take their lumps this year and be good next. A few people, who’s sanity I questioned, thought that the Colts would be in the playoffs this year. Well…. the crazies were right. Ish. The boys in blue are at least challenging for a spot in the post season which begs the question… how? I would say smoke and mirrors, but I see no smoke. There are no mirrors. I don’t get it, but I will damn sure enjoy it for as long as it lasts. I’ll even enjoy it for the next 15 years if I have to. I’m used to compromising my life style.

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