2012 Season 11-5

Well that was fun. I stopped blogging about this season because there are only so many ways to say that the Colts shouldn’t have won this game or that game.  The team came out on the losing side of damn near — no — of every meaningful statistical catagory you can pull up.  Every stat and advanced stat said they should have sucked, but they dinna. Some suggested that it was smoke and mirrors. It wasn’t. The smoke machine broke during the Bears game and they smashed the mirror over Green Bay’s collective face.  When you loose every single stat but win the game, something else is going on. Something beyond magic.  So, here we are, with a rookie laden team that performed beyond all expectations. This bodes well for Colts fans from here on out. The future’s so bright, we all gotta wear shades.

And not to be negative, but I have to respond to the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while.  After the loss to the Bears – you know, game 1 – Skip Bayless of ESPN called Jim Irsay a clown for dumping Peyton and not drafting RG3.  We all know its stupid to make a judgement on something like that after an hour, but this dumbass did. I figured that after seeing what Andrew Luck has done this year – taking a 2-14 team to 11-5 – that Skip would realize that all is well in Coltsville. Nope. Skip stayed with stupid and said after the regular season ended that Irsay made a mistake dumping Peyton and not drafting RG3.  And what was his reasoning? Luck had 23 turnovers and a last place schedule. Really? Peyton had 28 interceptions as a rookie and won only 3 games against a last place schedule. So, that means Peyton sucked as a QB…. What? He didn’t? He’s going to be a hall of famer? Oh, yeah. Maybe Luck will be good too.

The problem I have with Skip’s article – aside from some of the shittiest wright by a “professional” I’ve ever read – is that he doesn’t back up his asinine take. Yeah, Luck had a bunch of turnovers. So did Brett Favre (pick a year). Any QB not named… um… whoever can turn the ball over. Especially, when the game is all on their shoulders, an argument I’ve made about Peyton before. 

The even dummer part of Skip’s argument is that Peyton and RG3 took their teams to the playoffs. You can’t ignore the fact that Luck took the Colts to the exact same place. With a better record than RG3, who also had a last place schedule. Skip ignores all that.

The dumbest thing Skip says is that he understands that Irsay wanted to secure the future, but that the NFL is a win now league and that best chance for that is Peyton. Except… the Colts have won now and secured the future at the same time.  If it was so damn easy to find a franchise QB, the Bills wouldn’t still be looking for someone so long after Jim Kelly. Who have the Chiefs found to replace Len Dawson? When a guy like Luck falls into your lap, you take hime unless a guy like Luck is already on your team.  And just a few years into his career.

No one wanted Peyton to go. No one.  But things happen. All three franchises, Colts, Broncos, and Washington all made out well. Just admit that you’re wrong Skip, because everyone with an IQ above two can see that taking Andrew Luck wasn’t a mistake.

Oh, one more beef with moron’s article.  He had the nerve to say that Jim Irsay was able to cut Peyton without any backlash from the fans. That is beyond stupid. Irsay was torched for that. I think we all remember the summer full of articles from Brad Wells of stampedeblue.com calling Indy nothing but horrible, fair weather fans because so many people didn’t renew season tickets. The reason people didn’t renew was because they weren’t happy with the decision. That’s anger towards Irsay, Skip, you bombastic idiot.

I’ve said before that I don’t mind someone having an opinion so long as its based on reality. Skip’s article had no reality in it. He just took a stance too soon in the season and like a neanderthal, couldn’t adjust to the facts of life.

Here’s an opinion based on reality for you, Skip. Seven 4th quarter wins led by Andrew Luck. Based on that, we have our future as fans of the Colts secure. You can say its a fluke all you want, but all the experts — people who aren’t you, Skip — agree that Luck’s a keeper.  10 to 15 years of greatness are better than 4 to 5 years that we would have with Peyton. And as for RG3, I said before the year that one of the biggest plusses for taking Luck over him was durability.  Luck missed no plays while standing behind four turnstiles and a left tackle who maybe should be a right tackle while Griffin missed parts of three games and another full one because of injury, while having a better oline. That’s how you base an opinion on something.

Thus endeth the lessen.

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