2012 Season 3-3

In protest of the crap-fest in Jersey, I have ignored the game against the Jets.  I figure if the Colts didn’t care enough to show up, why should I?

Score: 17-13 Colts

Another tale of two halfs. The offense was unstoppable in the first half and totally stopped in the second.  Luckily for this young team, the defense played just the opposite.  They stank the first half and came out to play in the second.

Now all we need is for them to put it all together for a full game and we’re good.  Some are giving the Colts no credit for beating the Browns, but if you’ve watched the games this year, you’ll have seen that Brandon Weedon is pretty good. So there.

The Colt OLine actually had a good game overall. Hopefully, it is a sign of things to come.  It was nice to see an actual run game.  Vick Ballard looks like a keeper – for a while anyway.  Someone mentioned that Andrew Luck has gone two games without throwing a touchdown.  How the hell do you ignore the two rushing TD’s he had this game. Give me a stinking break. How many times did Peyton not throw a TD?  Probably about half the games (I made that number up). The point is that it doesn’t matter if he throws a TD or not.  Just if the team wins.

We need a pass rush. Badly. Dwight Freeney is hobbled, Robert Mathis is injured, and no one else can get to the opposing QB. Well, maybe Jerry Hughes, but he’s like a dog trying to catch a car. Neither can do anything with their target when they get to it.  Nice of Tom Zbikowski to show up this week. It’s not easy to play defense with 10 guys.  Now, that how you play.  For the rest of this year, that’s how you play.  Pat Angerer looked real good in his first game. Hopefully, our middle LB’s can make up for the lack of talent on the DLine. Having said that, the new guys played rather well for having been signed to the active roster five minutes before kickoff. Now if we can only get the entire secondary to play well at the same time Jerraud Powers.

I was prepared to lay into Bruce Arians for having the stupidest time out since Jim Caldwell was here, but he owned up to it, so I’ll let it go. I don’t mind the focus on running the football so much. With our line, Luck needs to pass as little as possible.

Bravo gentlemen. You took one of the NFL’s most dangerous return men out of the game. The only returns he had were due to penalties. Special shoutout to LaVon Brazil for that solo tackle on Cribs. If not for that, he would have had miles to run.

The Colts are exactly where I thought they would be right now.  They actually have a chance to make some noise if they can just play on the road like they do at home.

Tennessee Tetons. Control CJ2K and manufacture a pass rush on an old Hasselbeck… or back… or bech – however you spell it – and the fellas have a chance.

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2012 Seson 2-2


“We will, We can, We must. We have no choice. By any means necessary. We will overcome.” – Coach Chuck

Many people say that football is just a game and they’re right. But not this game. Not on Sunday. As any football fan who has been affected by that damn disease, cancer, can tell you, this game meant more. Much more. It meant everything.  You could tell during the first half of the game that the Colts were having trouble channeling their emotions into action. They couldn’t focus properly. That allowed the Packers to take a commanding lead in the game.  It was at halftime, however, when the fellas pulled themselves together, focussed their energy and came out with a will to win.

Score: 30-27 Colts

CBSSports.com’s Pete Prisco said the Colts would only win one game this year. How’s that taste, Petey?

Andrew Luck grew up in front of our eyes Sunday.  He took charge during the second half.  Anyone who thought he would be a bust (RG3 fans), was wrong to the Nth degree.  He’ll still make mistakes cause he’s a rookie — that’s NFL law — but those will be due to inexperience, not suckage.  How many QB’s can shake off Clay Mathews like that and make that throw? Daammnn! If you watch the replay, you’ll notice that he never actually looks at Mathews. He’s too focussed down field. The Colts future is so bright, we all gotta wear shades!

Look! A running game, kind of.  Donald Brown needs to get out on the perimeter more often. He ran for dang near five yards a carry doing that. The league average is four. Just a comparison.  Shoot, even the offensive line stopped stinking up the joint for a half. Or maybe Jeff Linkenbach is the answer at … hahahaha! Sorry. I tried.

I don’t know what scheme they were using to actually slow down the Packers passing game, but they need to bring it with to every game. Or least a variation of it. Actually, the entire defensive game plan during the second half was a thing of beauty.

And lastly but most assuredly not leastly (if that’s even a word), Reggie Wayne. I don’t have the words to describe how awesome of a game that was from him. The Packers put future hall of famer, Chuck Woodson, on him. They double-covered him. They triple-covered him. And Reggie just kicked sand in their face and did what he wanted. He grew into a giant or something to get Luck’s pass while Mathews was hanging on him. His one-handed catch while being held by Woodson was one of the greatest ever. And his force of will to get into the endzone on the last drive was awesome! He had two guys tackling him and a third on the way and he still surged forward enough to reach the ball out and break the plane! Hell Yeah! Anyone who said Reggie was slowing down only looked at his stats last year and not the actual games.

A game like this will bring the on-the-fence fans around, the stadium will continue to be filled and loud, the monster is twitching on the table as we speak, and Pete Prisco can suck it!


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They Live

Two days. That’s all it took. After months of hardline negotiations, all it took after being made to look stupid as hell on Monday Night Football was two days and the real refs are back.

The NFL and NFLRA have come to an agreement and the there will be actual NFL caliber refereeing for Week 4 of the NFL season. Now the NFL will say that Monday night’s stupid-fest had nothing to do with this agreement. That the talks were already scheduled. Yeah? Bull! You’ve already insulted our intelligence enough this week by saying that the scab refs got the call right. Don’t do it any more with acting like that had nothing to do with it.  Just come out and admit the truth. They won’t, but it would be nice if they admitted that the replacements were a bad idea. We all know they were.

Now everything is right with the NFL world and we can go back to insulting the abilities of the real refs.  I give the honeymoon about a quarter of the first game.

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Incompetent Boobery

I’ve tried to be quasi-kind to the replacement officials. It’s obvious that they are over their heads. However, after last night and what I heard this morning on the Grady & Big Joe Show, the gloves are off.

If you missed it, last night Russell Wilson, rookie QB for the Seattle Seahawks, threw a hail mary pass into the endzone on the last play of the game. A Green Bay Packer defender caught the ball then Seahawk widout, Golden Tate, stuck his hand in and grabbed the ball.  Both fell to the ground without either man losing control of the ball. By the letter of NFL law, that’s an interception. One ref called it that way. Another called a TD. The head boob didn’t talk to either and called a touchdown. And with that, we have the world’s first touchception (thanks for that word Cosand). The 3 Stooges cost the Packers that win.

Then this morning, Grady said the lingerie league sent out a press release saying a few of the officials had been fired from their league for “on field incompetence”.  Really. They couldn’t handle models playing football in their underwear? I knew these guys were in over their heads, but daammnn! This is one of those years in the NFL where no one can predict a game’s outcome from game to game.  Really good teams have losing records, the NFC West stopped sucking over night, the hated Cheatriots are not in front of their division, and the Arizona Cardinals with their crappy quarterbacking are undefeated. But instead of talking about the good kind of chaos (How was Seattle even in the game with a rookie QB?), we’re talking about the incompetent boobery of guys not cut out to watch half naked chicks run around.

But, Daammnn!

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2012 Season 1-2

Three plays. Just three plays doomed the Colts against the Haguars.  An Adam Vinatieri missed field goal, a one-play drive with a maurice jones-drew touchdown run, and a one-play drive with a touchdown pass to cecil shorts (who?).  If any one of these plays are corrected, the Colts win.

If Vinatieri makes that first FG, the Colts are only down 2 points during that last drive. With seven seconds left, they trot him out to win the game by a point.

On the touchdown run, if the defense turns that into any type of drive at all, the Haguars don’t have time for anything more than a hail mary pass at the end at most.

String out the last play into a drive and the opponent runs out of time. Note to #38: 1) Everybody in the state knew that was going to be a pass play. Why didn’t you.  2) Stop slapping your head and catch up to and tackle the guy you let catch the ball.

That’s the story of this game, three plays. Sure there were other things that went wrong – too many penalties, Luck looked like a rookie – but the game turned on those three plays.  This isn’t meant to make anyone feel better. Crap like this makes me feel worse actually. It does so because it means that the Colts should have won, but pissed it away.

Next they face Brigham Young East (BYE), so hopefully there can be more coaching for this young team. It probably also means that the Colts will win in Jacksonville later this year.

Go Colts dammit!

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Tampa Gate

Everything is a “Gate” these days so that’s why I lamed-out on the title.

Last Sunday, as the New York Giants were in the victory formation, Eli Manning got knocked to the ground by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense.  Giants headcoach, Tom Coughlin went off on Bucs headcoach, Greg Shiano. I’ve listened to many an opinion on this and most have said that there is nothing wrong with what the Bucs did.  They’re wrong too.

The problem with the play was that Eli was giving himself up. When a player has the ball during a live play and takes a knee, the play is blown dead.  When a punt returner waves his hand in the air and catches the ball, he’s giving himself up. That means no touchy. When a QB is running with the ball and starts to slide, no one can touch him.  On all of these plays, the player is giving himself up and shouldn’t be tackled. There is no more of a play of such a manner than a kneal-down in the victory formation. That’s why the play was wrong. Eli was giving himself up and everyone on the field knew it.  You don’t hit a player when he’s surrendering on a play. In most cases, its against the rules. It just hasn’t filterd down to this scenario yet.

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2012 Season 1-1

Score: 23-20 Colts

So far the season is going how most of us thought.  The Colts used an effective first half to build a 20-6 lead and then held on at the end. I’ve heard some fussing over the play calling during the third and forth quarters. I understand the philosophy behind the run calls, but the problem with the run plays was that they used a bunch formation. They should have spread the defense out a little with two or three receivers and then try running. There would have been less defenders in the box.

From now on, I will refer to Andrew Luck as “Cool Hand” Luck.  There is no way a rookie QB should be that good at the 2-minute offense. Dude’s three for three. Its not his fault that his kicker missed a field goal against the Bears. Not since Archie Manning has a rookie won a game like this in September.

The O-Line still sucks. Loosing 3/5’s of our starters doesn’t help, but damn, trip somebody or something. “Cool Hand” needs time to work his magic.  Trai Essex did not look good, but he signed two minutes before the game, so I’ll let it slide this week.  It’s nice to GM Ryan Grigson still tinkering with linemen – one cut from the practice squad; new one signed – as we need some crap replaced. Looking at you Seth Linkenbach (those two don’t deserve their owns names).

Cory Redding, welcome to Indy. He had a dang fine game along with Jerrell Freeman. In fact, Freeman is playing so well that some dullards are saying Pat Angerer should loose his starting job.  Where I come from, you want your best and most complete linebackers starting. The Colts have three good LB’s. Two can do it all. One is a run stopper. Instead of Angerer loosing his starting job, how about Kavell Connor. Our outside LB’s are playing below average outside of Robert Mathis. How about while Dwight Freeney is MIA, they switch Mathis to the rush spot and then start Angerer, Connor, and Freeman. Let’s think outside the box.

Speaking of pass defense – and I wasn’t, can someone other than Justin King defend the only receiving threat the other team has? We have a solid starting CB duo in Jerraud Powers and Vontae Davis. Let one of them stay with Justin Blackman this week. Not Mr. Pass Interference (three in two weeks).

And lastly, for those wondering what happened on the last Colts play/penalty/downing of the ball, the answer is more simple than you think. Rookie headcoach + rookie QB + Bozo the official = stupid looking Colt play.

Up next is the Haguars. Go Colts!

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